Legislation in the 2012 Session

HB707 (CH240) – Wrongful Death and Survival Causes of Action – Criminal Homicide – Time Limits for Bringing Civil Action

This bill delays the time when the statute of limitations begins to run for civil actions arising from a criminal homicide. If the conduct of an adverse party or his accomplice or accessory prevents a party from discovering the homicide or the identity of the person contributing to the homicide, the statutory period of limitations must begin to run at the time the party should have discovered this information through ordinary diligence.

HB1069 – Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loan of 2007 – Prince George’s County – Reid Community Business Development Center

This bill reduces the amount of matching funds to be provided by the Board of Directors of the Reid Community Development Corporation, as grantee, for the acquisition, planning, construction, and capital equipping of the Reid Community Business Development Center from $300,000 to $150,000. It also extends the deadline for the grantee to present evidence that a matching fund will be provided to June 1, 2014. Note: this bill was not passed separately but was rolled into SB1037 (CH659) – Prior Authorizations of State Debt to Fund Capital Projects – Alterations.