Legislation in the 2013 Session

HB909 (CH650) – Criminal Procedure – Venue for Prosecution of Murder and Manslaughter

This bill authorizes the prosecution of a person for first degree murder, second degree murder, or manslaughter to be brought in the county in which the crime occurred. If this cannot be determined, the prosecution may be brought in the county where the body or parts of the body were found.

HB916 (CH651) – Juvenile Law – Dispositions – Placement Guidance

This bill prohibits the juvenile court from committing a child to the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) for out-of-home placement for certain lesser offenses (e.g., possession of marijuana, trespass) unless specified conditions are met. Out-of-home placements may include foster homes, group homes, residential treatment centers, and seven DJS-operated facilities.

HB921 (CH652) – Correctional Services – Inmate Earnings – Compensation for Victims of Crime

This bill requires the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) to withhold 20% of the earnings of an inmate in the Private Sector/Prison Industry Enhancement (PIE) Certification Program for compensation for victims of crime. DPSCS is required to report to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and House Judiciary Committee by December 1, 2013, on the payment of restitution by inmates under its jurisdiction.