Legislation in the 2015 Session

HB263- (CH233)Domestic Violence- Permanent Protective Orders- Conspiracy or Solicitation to Commit Murder

This bill expands the circumstances under which a court is required to issue a permanent final protective order to include the conviction of an individual for conspiracy or solicitation to commit murder under specified circumstances.

HB386-(CH245) Child Abuse and Neglect-Centralized Confidential Database

This bill repeals provisions of law authorizing the Social Services Administration and each local department of social services to maintain a central registry of child abuse and neglect cases and substituting provisions authorizing a centralized confidential database; requiring each local department to enter and have access to specified information in the database; specifying conditions under which an individual may be identified as responsible for child abuse or neglect in the centralized confidential database; etc.

HB501 -(CH426) Criminal Procedure- Victims of Crime- Notification Regarding DNA Profile

This bill requires a specified law enforcement agency or unit, under specified circumstances, to give a specified victim or victims’ representative timely notice as to specified matters relating to a specified DNA profile; requiring the State Board of Victim Services to develop pamphlets to notify victims and victims’ representatives of how to request information regarding an unsolved case; etc.

HB549- (CH93) Video Lottery Facility Payouts- Intercepts for Restitution Payments

This bill requires video lottery operation licensees to provide specified notices to obligors who win specified prizes and who owe restitution; requires video lottery operation licensees to make specified payments, withhold specified amounts, honor specified requests in a specified order, and transfer specified amounts under specified circumstances; authorizes specified obligors to appeal specified proposed transfers; etc.