Legislation in the 2018 Session

HB955- Department of Housing and Community Development – Crisis Shelter Home Program for the Homeless

This bill alters the scope of and renaming the Homeless Women – Crisis Shelter Home Program as the Crisis Shelter Home Program for the Homeless in the Department of Housing and Community Development; repeals a certain time limit on the availability of a temporary residence under the Program; and repeals a certain regulatory requirement concerning fees for services under the Program

HB1130 Residential Treatment Centers – Mandatory Reporting of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

This bill requires that certain residential treatment centers be subject to certain reporting requirements regarding inappropriate sexual behavior established by the Maryland Department of Health under certain regulations; and defines “inappropriate sexual behavior”.

HB1136 Student Hearing and Vision Screenings – Reporting Requirements

This bill requires the Maryland Department of Health to review certain reports and, in counties where fewer than 50% of students who have failed hearing and vision screenings are receiving the recommended services, to coordinate with the county board or the county health department to implement measures to improve the number of students receiving the recommended services.

HB 1302 Public Safety – Extreme Risk Prevention Orders

This bill authorizes certain individuals to file a petition for an extreme risk prevention order with a certain court or law enforcement agency under certain circumstances; authorizes a certain judge to enter an interim extreme risk prevention order to order the respondent to surrender to law enforcement authorities any firearm in the respondent’s possession and to refrain from possession of any firearm for the duration of the extreme risk prevention order; authorizes a judge to proceed with a final extreme prevention order under certain circumstances; etc.

HB1386 Public Schools – Reporting Child Abuse – Telephone Number

This bill encourages public schools to post the appropriate telephone number for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect conspicuously in a high-traffic, widely used area of the school; and requires a county board to ensure that the appropriate telephone number for reporting suspected child abuse or neglect is published in student handbooks and on the website of the county board or local school system.

HB1614 Public Safety – Military Service Members – Civil Relief

This bill providing that certain rights granted to members of the Maryland National Guard under the Act are in addition to the rights granted by federal law; establishes that the intent of the Act is to supplement certain rights and protections provided by a certain federal statute; authorizing a certain service member to terminate a certain contract at a certain time under certain circumstances; provides for the method by which a certain service member may terminate a certain contract; etc.

HB1615 Human Services – Temporary Disability Assistance Program

This bill establishes the Temporary Disability Assistance Program in the Department of Human Services; requires the Family Investment Administration to be the central coordinating and directing agency of the Program; requires the Program to be administered by the local departments of social services in a certain manner; specifies the requirements for entitlement to assistance under the Program; requiring the monthly allowable assistance under the Program to equal at least $215 in fiscal year 2020; etc.