Legislation in the 2019 Session

HB672- Housing – Local Housing Grant Program for Homeless Veterans and Survivors of Domestic Violence- Chapter 248

This bill establishes a program in the Department of Housing and Community Development that will distribute additional grants to counties to provide vouchers for homeless veterans and survivors of domestic violence addressing the specific needs of these vulnerable populations.

HB506- Maryland Department of Health - Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children – Reports- Chapter 478

This bill requires the Maryland Department of Health to report on the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP) for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) with particular respect to identifying the barriers to increasing enrollment and changes to program policies and procedures to increase participation rates. It is my hope that measures will be implemented to increase access to formula and food for eligible women and children.

HB838, Food Supplement Program - Restaurant Meals Program-Chapter 475

This bill establishes a program within the Department of Human Services' food supplement program (SNAP) to enable the homeless, seniors or the disabled, to use their SNAP benefits at participating restaurants. These populations generally do not have a place to store and/or cook food, may not be physically able to prepare food, or have access to a grocery store. Maryland will now move forward to allow these vulnerable individuals to buy a hot meal for sustenance consistent with federal law.

HB1066, (Chapter 476) Family Investment Program – Work Activity Requirement – Authorized Activities and Report- Chapter 476

This bill extends Temporary Cash Assistance availability to those engaged in two years of employment-related education and training to allow time to obtain certifications or junior associate degrees. Maryland is moving away from the notion that any job is a good job towards enabling the poor to achieve meaningful degrees or certifications as a way to successfully exit poverty.

HB658, Interagency Agreements – Historically Black Colleges and Universities – Reporting Requirements - Chapter 682.

This bill addresses a great disparity with only 0.75% of Interagency Agreements (state grants) being awarded to Historic Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) prior to 2019. This law will require the Department of Budget and Management to report annually on the total percentage of Interagency Agreements with HBCUs and make recommendations to address barriers.

HB531 State Personnel - Payment of State Employee Wages - Repeal of Sunset Provision- Chapter 664

This bill repeals the termination date for provisions of law for the Payroll Recovery Act for state employees allowing state employees important grievance procedures and other employee protections.

HB221, (Chapter 159) Prince George's County - Utility Services - Master Meters Task Force - Extension PG 407-19 - Chapter 159,

This bill extends a task force to explore ways to address the problem off mass metering and begin to address the chaos and extensive problems caused when individual units evade their financial responsibility and lack of effective enforcement or remedies.