Legislation in the 2021 Session

House Bill 674: Nursing Homes- Transfer of Ownership

This bill increases oversight of nursing homes which are purchased by out-of-state corporations. A pattern of out-of-state purchasing of nursing homes necessitated this legislation and it will increase oversight with new timely site visits and follow-up which will protect our infirmed elderly from corporate owners who may prioritize profits over patient care.

HB506- Maryland Department of Health - Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children – Reports- Chapter 478

This bill requires the Maryland Department of Health to report on the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP) for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) with particular respect to identifying the barriers to increasing enrollment and changes to program policies and procedures to increase participation rates. It is my hope that measures will be implemented to increase access to formula and food for eligible women and children.

House Bill 216:Higher Education Tuition Exemptions- 

This bill provides tuition to homeless and foster youth who qualify for entrance into one of our state colleges. This small but very deserving population merit our full support as education is a significant means of exiting poverty.

House Bill 646: Child Abuse and Neglect- Memorandum of Understanding

This bill increases access to social services for military families struggling with child or domestic abuse by requiring a Memorandum of Understanding between local social services departments and the local military base Family Advocacy Programs. This will increase communication between support service providers and offer a broader range of needed services for military families in crisis.

House Bill 881: Mental Health Facilities- Sex Abuse and Harassment

This bill streamlines and provide uniformity in procedures for the reporting of sexual abuse in more mental health facilities for youth, including the state’s Residential Treatment Centers.

House Bill 673: State Health Care Facilities- Alternate Work weeks

This bill is an “alternate work week” bill expanding the ability of state hospitals to offer flexible work schedules to nurses and more closely mirrors what private hospital systems offer. This bill will improve the flexible work hours and quality of life for nurses and will enable the state to compete in recruiting needed nurses.